Mark Dyck

Mark and Cindy Need an Apartment in Victoria, BC

An overview of Mark and Cindy Dyck and their apartment hunting needs

Mark and Cindy Need an Apartment in Victoria, BC

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Time for A New Adventure!

After living our whole lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, we are moving out to Victoria, BC in October, 2019

We are looking for an apartment to rent and, after our first few inquiries, realized it would help potential landlords to learn a little bit about the two of us. That’s what this page is all about.

We’re including answers to the common questions we’ve received so far. And there’s a form at the bottom of the page if you need any more information.

Mark and Cindy are Ideal Tenants

  • We’re in our early 50’s.

  • We have two great kids who have graduated University and are moving away - one to Vancouver and one to England.

  • We’ve had a couple of careers already. Mark worked for SaskTel for 24 years and Cindy worked in public schools before raising our kids. In 2011 we opened Regina’s first artisan bread bakery and ran that for five years.

  • These days, Mark is working on several coaching, community and baking projects (that’s what the rest of this site is about) and Cindy is working part time as a baker.

  • We’ve owned our house for 25 years now and are working on selling it. The listing date we’re working toward is August 1st 2019.

  • Because we own our own house and Mark is self employed, many of the typical rental applications are, well, odd. Here’s the scoop: we’re debt free. We’re doing fine and can afford your rent. We’ll run a credit check if you need. And if you need character references we’ll put you in touch with our friends, colleagues and customers. In the meantime, here’s our nearly two dozen stellar AirBnb recommendations (hey, it’s renting, right?) and recommendations from Mark’s Linkedin Profile.

Two key words from our AirBnb recommendations: quiet and tidy. That’s us!

Our Extended Family

We are bringing two special pets with us to Victoria. Buddy Dog is a very friendly 13 year old Golden Retriever. He’s quiet and extremely mellow. His hips are giving out on him though, so he can’t really do stairs anymore.

Iggy Cat is really our daughter Robyn’s cat, but she is unable to take Iggy to England. So she’s staying with us for a year while Robyn teaches abroad. She’s also a very quiet, mellow indoor cat.

Our Ideal Victoria Apartment

We’re looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment (1 bedroom + den is ideal) in Central Victoria. Ideally in Cook St. Village, James Bay or Fairfield neighbourhoods. Near Cook St. is our #1 hope.

We’re looking for a neighbourhood where we can walk for 80% of our needs and bike for the other 20%. And our needs are simple: a market, a library and possibly a gym.

Because of Buddy Dog’s hips, we need either a ground floor apartment or elevator access. Three stairs is his limit these days.

We cook and bake a lot, so are looking for a functional kitchen, even if it’s small. Mark will leap at any apartment with a gas cooktop!

Access to very fast Internet is also a priority (we assume that’s not included in rent)

We have a small car (Honda Fit) that we need parking. We also have bicycles to store.

We aren’t bringing any furniture with us, so are looking at both furnished and unfurnished apartments.

We hope to sign a 1 year lease with the option to extend, with occupancy on October 1st, 2019

Our ideal budget is in the $1500 - $1900 per month range.

Let’s Talk!

Have an apartment for us? Need more answers? Fire away and we’ll be in touch.

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