Mark Dyck




To travel is to learn how to see.

My favorite day on the road is Laundry Day.

Sure, the ancient ruins, gorgeous landscapes and interesting food is fun. But if you want to really see a city, check out the local laundromat.

It's invariably in a real neighbourhood, well off the tourist trail, where real people live and work and hang out. That's my chance to find the honest vibe of the city. It's where I get to play charades, to figure out how the machines work and to order my coffee and pastry while the machines do their work.

And trust me, you haven't lived until you play charades to choose between the beef and chicken empanadas, while the cafe clerks laugh hysterically.

That's what travel is all about, isn't it? To connect with the people and share a small slice of their day.

Cindy and I have made travel a major part of our life together, all across Canada, in the USA and in Europe too. I share stories of our adventures in my travel blog, along with Cindy's excellent photos. I want to inspire you to have your own travel adventures, away from the tour umbrellas. To cross the tracks and meet the folks over by the laundromat.