Mark Dyck

coach + advisor

coach + advisor


What is the change YOU want to make in the world?

So many of us were told from a young age that there was one path to success. Get good marks. Get a safe job. Keep your head down. Save some money and retire, if you're lucky.

If that's the map, then why does your stomach hurt like that?

It's time to listen to that stomach pang and take it seriously. Name it. Call it out and act.

A compass and mirror, not a map

There are many ways to live your life and many more ways to define your version of success. Some combination of community, connection and service that will make a difference in the world and bring you joy.

A good coach doesn't promise a Roadmap to Success, because your path is, well, your path. Your path is something you discover while doing the work.

A good coach offers you a mirror and a compass.

A mirror, to see you as you are and help you to see as well.

And a compass, to point you in the right direction.

I've been lucky to be that mirror for dozens of passionate, energetic people who have that pang in their stomach and help them to see their unique path.

I'll be your mirror, reflect what you are, in case you don't know.
- The Velvet Underground


1:1 Coaching

I am available for a small number of personal coaching engagements each year. There are three focus areas for my coaching work:

  1. For individuals, helping you get unstuck and finally ship your passion projects

  2. For bootstrappers and startup organizations, helping you shift from the founder doing it all to having sustainable and scaleable processes in place, without losing the mojo that caused you to start in the first place

  3. For community builders and organizers, helping them to find, build, and nurture their people

If you are one of these folks and want to move forward, let’s talk.


Current Coaching and Advisory Projects

altMBA Logo.jpg

Seth Godin's altMBA

I'm honoured to be one of the cohort of altMBA coaches, where I get to create a safe space for students to create their unique path to success. Each altMBA session is a month long sprint that has the power to change lives. It's exhausting, exhilarating and creates so much more positive energy than I've ever experienced.

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ProsperCity is committed to creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces by focusing on equitable hiring practices as the primary starting point. Since the lack of compensation clarity is a leading contributor to wage discrimination, ProsperCity launched the first job board in America where 100% of job listings include salary ranges.

I am thrilled to be a volunteer advisor to Rebecca Channer, ProsperCity's founder and CEO. My focus is on business development, organizational development and financial systems. That is to say, moving from a bootstrapped, founder led startup to a full fledged company.