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The blog is my Whole Self Home Base,
where all the aspects of my life come together through my writing.

It’s like a bread recipe - bring a wide variety of ingredients together and create something way better than the individual parts.

You’ll find riffs on community and connection, musings on baking and fermentation, reflections on travel experiences and much more.


How to ask for help

Consider the following: You're struggling with a problem that you just can't figure out, so you ask a friend for help.

You then proceed to defend every assumption, every decision and every design choice you've made.

It doesn't work because the starting question is wrong.

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Rise Up! #49: Sarah Rossi of Clear Flour Bread in Boston, Massachusetts

I say it all the time: there’s something special about talking with bakers. And if you don’t believe me, spend a few minutes talking with Sarah Rossi and you’ll be convinced that I’m right.

I met Sarah at WheatStalk 2018 when I held my breath and crashed her table in the lunch room. And am I ever glad I did. She’s not only friendly, bright and articulate, but she has a deep love for her profession.

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Fire, Ready, Aim

New team members, potential spouses and business partners need to take the time to listen, to give context, to understand each other. The time spend is an investment that will pay back again and again, as the team works in the same direction.

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Bakernomics: You have choices

Over the past several posts I've laid out a way of thinking of bakery economics, so that you can think critically about what is blocking you from building a business that works for you over the long term. A way to make the change that you desperately want but can't seem to afford.

This is not an easy road, but then again, neither was opening a bakery. You've already done some extremely hard work. You can do this too.

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Rise Up! #44: Suzanne Slomin of Green Rabbit Breads in Vermont

Suzanne Slomin is a very committed woman. She’s committed to building a sustainable bakery in rural Vermont and keeping it small and intimate. She’s committed to making long fermented, naturally leavened bread. And she’s committed to treating her employees well. This is not an easy road to travel but Suzanne is doing everything she can to make things work.

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An Introduction to Bakernomics

One of the common discussions I've had with bakery owners, especially small bakery owners, is how to make their businesses sustainable. And by sustainable, they usually mean 'able to stay open even if I take a day off.' There must be some general principles that all bakeries follow that can transfer from place to place. That's what I want to work through with you. I'll build out a framework here and you can build on it, make it better, point out my flawed assumptions and so on in the comments.

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All The Way To The Edge

There’s a lot of talk about ‘picking an edge’ for your project. Deciding what’s important and going all the way to the limit in that area. The Marbleympics is my new reminder of what an edge looks like and what it feels like to experience someone going all the way out there.

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