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The blog is my Whole Self Home Base,
where all the aspects of my life come together through my writing.

It’s like a bread recipe - bring a wide variety of ingredients together and create something way better than the individual parts.

You’ll find riffs on community and connection, musings on baking and fermentation, reflections on travel experiences and much more.


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Getting Unstuck

It takes real effort to see that you are stuck. Effort and time. To break out of the cycle of stuckness, I need to continually remind myself of three things. Write-them-on-paper-and-stick-it-by-the-keyboard things:

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Fire, Ready, Aim

New team members, potential spouses and business partners need to take the time to listen, to give context, to understand each other. The time spend is an investment that will pay back again and again, as the team works in the same direction.

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Bakernomics: You have choices

Over the past several posts I've laid out a way of thinking of bakery economics, so that you can think critically about what is blocking you from building a business that works for you over the long term. A way to make the change that you desperately want but can't seem to afford.

This is not an easy road, but then again, neither was opening a bakery. You've already done some extremely hard work. You can do this too.

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An Introduction to Bakernomics

One of the common discussions I've had with bakery owners, especially small bakery owners, is how to make their businesses sustainable. And by sustainable, they usually mean 'able to stay open even if I take a day off.' There must be some general principles that all bakeries follow that can transfer from place to place. That's what I want to work through with you. I'll build out a framework here and you can build on it, make it better, point out my flawed assumptions and so on in the comments.

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There are no mistakes. Only puzzles to solve.

There's an endless variety of ways we live in fear of making mistakes. The circumstances and magnitude changes but the fear is always there at some level or the other.

You can't let fear of mistakes stop you from bringing the good stuff to Your People.

Put on a white lab coat and grab a clipboard if it helps, but start solving puzzles and get back to shipping.

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The Daybook: Get those ideas out of your head and into the world

So often we waste all kinds of time worrying about which idea to start, without ever defining what the ideas really are. Should I work with appliance repair people or filmmakers? Should I do graphic design or copywriting?

How about answering Yes to all of the above, but one at a time? Keeping a daybook will help you keep your ideas fresh and in order.

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The Business Owner's Lament

There’s a repeating pattern with small, local, independent bakeries. Around year 4 or 5 a common refrain is they're stuck in limbo where they aren't totally failing but they aren't feeling safe either.

When this feeling strikes, it's worth forcing yourself to take some quiet time and take a calm, objective look at the foundations of your business. Some questions to consider:

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In The Style Of...

There’s no problem learning a new skill by copying the masters. I learned watercolour painting by trying to copy the techniques of famous painters, for example.

But once you start creating your own work, it’s time to find your own voice and tell your own stories.

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