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The blog is my Whole Self Home Base,
where all the aspects of my life come together through my writing.

It’s like a bread recipe - bring a wide variety of ingredients together and create something way better than the individual parts.

You’ll find riffs on community and connection, musings on baking and fermentation, reflections on travel experiences and much more.


Posts tagged Darkness
Use a Project Scan to Fight The Darkness

"The Darkness" is what I call the sense of overwhelm and hopelessness that comes from time to time. Everything is impossible and, even if it were possible, is futile anyway.

The Darkness usually hits me when I have too many projects on the go and no clear path forward on any of them. It used to knock me down for a day or more, but lately I can kick it out in an hour or two.

My secret (taught to me by Cindy of course) is to do a Project Scan.

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