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Rise Up! #41: Judith Norell of Silver Moon Bakery in New York City


Last week I took the ‘1’ train up to Silver Moon Bakery on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to visit with the owner, Judith Norell. She has an amazing neighbourhood bakery that is bursting at the seams with bread, pastries, cakes and bakers!

Judith and Mark.jpg

With everything packed so close in her shop, the customer area is also quite small, but I tucked myself into the only corner I could find and spent 20 minutes watching a steady stream of customers coming in for bread, pastries and coffee on a very chilly Thursday morning. Every baker I know would kill for a packed front on a cold January morning.

Judith took a long and winding road to eventually opening Silver Moon eighteen years ago and I wanted to learn about all of it. I think you’ll really love her story too.

Also in this episode, there’s a brand new feature: Question of the Week! You’re invited to offer your take on this week’s question in the comments below or by emailing me at

Or, you can ask a question of your own and we’ll discuss it in a future episode.

Enjoy the show!

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