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Rise Up! #70: Mac McConnell of The Midwife and the Baker on Baking, Teaching and Dealing with Rapid Growth

Photo via  The Midwife and the Baker  on Instagram

Photo via The Midwife and the Baker on Instagram


To those of us who love baking school, Mac McConnell was best known as the Artisan Bread instructor at the San Francisco Baking Institute. (You can see him in action here.) But these days he’s rocking out the bread and pastries at his own bakery, The Midwife and the Baker in Mountain View, California.

Mac is making the good stuff, for sure. Amazing sourdough loaves with fresh milled flour and awesome pastries that you can find at the farmer’s market or at many cafes throughout the Bay Area. But he’s still testing and tweaking and trying his best to unlock the mysteries of great bread.

Our fun chat goes all over the place, from his start as an engineer to apprenticing and some of the best bakeries in the USA, to getting the call to teach and SFBI. Then he gets my jaw to drop when he starts talking about how he had to grow like crazy to meet the needs of his cafe customers. Wow did I ever learn a ton. I hope you will too.

You can listen to this episode on your favourite podcast app, from the Rise Up! website or using the handy audio player below (here if you’re reading this on email.) Enjoy the show!

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