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Rise Up! #66 - Emily Cayer of We Knead Nature, talking about turning the Food Chain into a Circle.

we knead nature.jpg

Emily Cayer is bringing a lifetime of wildlife conservation and a love of nature to the baking community, through her new collaborative venture, We Knead Nature.

Emily is organizing farmers, millers, bakers and brewers to ensure we are all giving back to the source of our great grains, nature itself.

In this episode, Emily shares the mission of We Knead Nature and the progress the group has made over the first few months of existence.  Mark also discovers how Emily's love of nature and background as a conservation biologist helped make We Knead Nature a reality.

Emily will also be at the amazing Kneading Conference in Maine this weekend, so if you’re heading to Skowhegan, keep an eye out for her!

You can hear our talk on your favourite podcast app, from the Rise Up! show page or using the handy audio player below (here if you’re on email.)