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Rise Up! #57: Jennifer Lapidus is a Champion for Great Baking and Local Flour


Jennifer Lapidus is a beautiful person.

I wanted to meet Jennifer in connection with her work as an organizer of the Asheville Bread Festival, without knowing all the other things she is involved with.

Let’s just say my own naivete might be my biggest asset. We had a rollicking good talk and I learned so, so much.

For example, she’s also the founder of Carolina Ground, one of the pioneers in local, stone milled flour in the US South. Holy dinah!

Jennifer is also a baker and bakery owner in her own right. She was out in California baking with the legendary Alan Scott when the first North American ‘Bread Movement’ was just getting underway, to boot.

But that’s not all! Jennifer also holds a Masters degree in Creative non-fiction alongside her forklift operator’s license. I mean, come on! How could this not be the best talk ever?

You can get the show on your favourite podcast app, from the Rise Up! show page or using the handy audio player below.

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