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Rise Up! #55: Josey Baker on culture, values, privilege and mentors

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Sometimes I get nervous when I invite guests on the show and inviting Josey Baker made me more nervous than usual.

Why is that? From the first time I ever heard of Josey, he’s been everywhere. He’s all over Instagram and his book is in all the stores. He even gave a talk at Google, for goodness sake!

But I took a deep breath and sent off an invitation and was very happy when Josey accepted. And I’m even happier now that we’ve had our chat. He’s a guy I could totally spend more time with.

What started as an innocent question (“Are you always as happy as in your photos?”) sent us down a winding trail of conversation about a jar full of topics, from privilege to culture and values (and how they aren’t the same) to the importance of mentors.

It’s a conversation like no other and I’m so glad I get to share it with you today.

You can get the show on all your favourite podcast apps, from the show page or via the handy player below.

PS - If you’re ever in San Francisco, you could do much worse than a trip to The Mill, to get some of Josey’s bread at the source. And I’ll bet he’ll be smiling.

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