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Rise Up! #54: Daniel Speek on figuring out the right business model for his Dutch micro-bakery

Photo via    Bread Connection    on Facebook

Photo via Bread Connection on Facebook


Daniel Speek grew up in the US but now lives in the Netherlands, where he is slowly and steadily growing a following for his bread and baking.  It's hard work, especially in a market that does not have a strong bread culture.

You know, I honestly didn’t know where our chat was going to end up. All I knew is when I have a chance to talk to a baker from Holland I’m going to take it. And I’m very glad I did.

Those are my favourite conversations to have - when you don’t know anything about the person but you want to make a connection nonetheless. And this is really one of the good chats. Not only do we talk about baking in Maastricht and the effort it takes to figure out how to grow when you’re on your own, but I also learn what it’s like to ‘squat’ in an abandoned building and build a home and a bakery.

You can listen to this chat on your favourite podcast app, from the show page or using the handy player below (which you can’t see via email - sorry!)

Survey request!  if you have a micro bakery, please help Daniel make his next move at Bread Connections by filling in a quick survey. He’s trying to figure out his next move.

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