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Rise Up! #42: Travis Gerjets of Prairie Sky Breads in Minot, North Dakota


Not only is Travis Gerjets a darn fine baker, but he is the first ever guest on Rise Up! that has actually visited me in my garage. Travis is the owner of Prairie Sky Breads in Minot, ND and it turns out that when you live in Minot and want to visit bread bakers, Regina and Saskatoon are way closer than Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Travis Gerjets.jpg

Travis runs a successful farmer’s market and subscription business using rented kitchen space and is close to building out his own space. In this episode, we dig into the stresses of leasing a space and how Travis is being slow and thorough to keep things within his level of risk tolerance.

There’s also my usual whining about the winter weather, a lovely listener email and a Very Important Question of the Week. But don’t take my word for it, Listen for yourself on the Rise Up! website, your favourite podcast player or on the player below.

Photos via @prairieskybreads on Instagram

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