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Rise Up! #40: Peter Claybaker Returns! Big News for Marquette Baking Company

Photo by  Wesual Click  on  Unsplash

Episode #37 of Rise Up! ended with Peter Claybaker, owner of Marquette Baking Company, dealing with downsizing his bakery and eliminating his retail service.  Since then there have been some major changes in Marquette and Peter is in a much better place.

Peter Claybaker.jpg

In this episode, Peter shares his news and tells the story of how brittle the business model of small bakeries can become.  But it's also a story of the enduring attraction of the local bakery and how help can come unexpectedly.

We also discuss the breadth of responsibilities a typical bakery owner has and how it’s unlikely one person can be good at everything, let alone enjoy it. It’s a common thread in recent baker chats: the benefits of partners with different strengths and interests to allow the bakery to fire on all cylinders.

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