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The blog is my Whole Self Home Base,
where all the aspects of my life come together through my writing.

It’s like a bread recipe - bring a wide variety of ingredients together and create something way better than the individual parts.

You’ll find riffs on community and connection, musings on baking and fermentation, reflections on travel experiences and much more.


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Standing Up Takes Courage

The more we learn, the less we know. It’s a universal truth, but it still stings a little. I’m more ‘aware’ than most, but I’m still stunned by how hard it is for ordinary folks to have a big impact. I’ve got nothing but admiration for the people who know it’s hard and do it anyway.

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The Dream of the Orange Petunias

I’m committed to find that loose, wild, free, creative style again. To make stuff just because it’s fun. To make things that make people think “what’s he doing” or “don’t quit your day job.” To remember what made me weird as a kid (and believe me, I was a weird kid) and embrace that again.

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Fire, Ready, Aim

New team members, potential spouses and business partners need to take the time to listen, to give context, to understand each other. The time spend is an investment that will pay back again and again, as the team works in the same direction.

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Find your Ikigai and live a happy life

When my friend Kelli recommended a tiny book called Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life I must admit I was more than a little skeptical. Did I really need to another book recommending I eat vegetables? While the book is about living a long time, what grabbed me is the advice for having a happy time doing it.

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In The Style Of...

There’s no problem learning a new skill by copying the masters. I learned watercolour painting by trying to copy the techniques of famous painters, for example.

But once you start creating your own work, it’s time to find your own voice and tell your own stories.

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Moving Day

If I've done a good job as a dad, Ben knows he has many more options available to him than I thought I had 30 years ago. Both real, tangible options along with the mental freedom to pursue a variety of things. When I was 23, I was told the goal was to get a job with a pension plan (any job with a pension will do) and stay there until retirement. Ben would find that idea laughable.

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As much as I want to, yearn to, I’m not going to do it.

Because it’s my lizard brain, my Resistance, that is screaming at me to press the sign up button this morning. It knows that if I sign up, I’ll be ‘all in’ for the next six weeks, spending hour after hour in the new group, with my new friends, helping them go forward. And I’ll spend six weeks describing, in great detail, how I want to move forward too.

All of that feels so, so, good. I want it so badly. But I know that it will delay me from actually moving forward.

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The Secret Path

I’ve been fixating on the work of Gord Downie for a month now, since his untimely passing in October. Yesterday I started watching the CBC broadcast of The Silent Path, the concert / album / film / graphic novel about a boy who ran away from a residential school in 1966 and died trying to walk the 600km home.

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Make Something Happen

I barely made it over the finish line yesterday.  I thought we baked way too much for New Years Eve and that over tired, ultra depressive funk set in.  We baked too much.  Nobody’s coming today.  What will we do with all this bread?  All our charities are closed!

But then the regulars started coming in to stock up for the next two weeks and when all was said and done, and I gave the last of the buns away to a fellow who came in after we cashed out, all that was left was a small box of sweets for Kylle and Scarlett (our heroic counter crew) a medium box for Joel (our amazing evening cleaner) and three loaves of bread for Cindy and I to take home.  We’ll have good toast for a few days.

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