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The blog is my Whole Self Home Base,
where all the aspects of my life come together through my writing.

It’s like a bread recipe - bring a wide variety of ingredients together and create something way better than the individual parts.

You’ll find riffs on community and connection, musings on baking and fermentation, reflections on travel experiences and much more.


An Introduction to Bakernomics

One of the common discussions I've had with bakery owners, especially small bakery owners, is how to make their businesses sustainable. And by sustainable, they usually mean 'able to stay open even if I take a day off.' There must be some general principles that all bakeries follow that can transfer from place to place. That's what I want to work through with you. I'll build out a framework here and you can build on it, make it better, point out my flawed assumptions and so on in the comments.

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All The Way To The Edge

There’s a lot of talk about ‘picking an edge’ for your project. Deciding what’s important and going all the way to the limit in that area. The Marbleympics is my new reminder of what an edge looks like and what it feels like to experience someone going all the way out there.

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There are no mistakes. Only puzzles to solve.

There's an endless variety of ways we live in fear of making mistakes. The circumstances and magnitude changes but the fear is always there at some level or the other.

You can't let fear of mistakes stop you from bringing the good stuff to Your People.

Put on a white lab coat and grab a clipboard if it helps, but start solving puzzles and get back to shipping.

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Add some colour to your life

What if colour is the difference maker? What if a splash of colour, literally or figuratively, made you and your work special, sought after and uniquely you?

It could be that little spark of joy that makes your day special or the magical property that makes your product amazing.

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The Business Owner's Lament

There’s a repeating pattern with small, local, independent bakeries. Around year 4 or 5 a common refrain is they're stuck in limbo where they aren't totally failing but they aren't feeling safe either.

When this feeling strikes, it's worth forcing yourself to take some quiet time and take a calm, objective look at the foundations of your business. Some questions to consider:

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Find your Ikigai and live a happy life

When my friend Kelli recommended a tiny book called Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life I must admit I was more than a little skeptical. Did I really need to another book recommending I eat vegetables? While the book is about living a long time, what grabbed me is the advice for having a happy time doing it.

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Rise Up! #39: David Norman, Head Doughpuncher at Easy Tiger in Austin, Texas

In this episode of Rise Up! The Baker Podcast, I talk with David Norman, co-owner and Head Doughpuncher of Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden in Austin, Texas. I get to learn about his journey in baking, from his earliest inspiration in Europe, through stints in Florida, Seattle and New York, before finally settling down in Texas.

We talk about mentors, about teaching and about working with partners who know their stuff. And I get a sense of what it’s like to expand into a new space and triple production.

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In The Style Of...

There’s no problem learning a new skill by copying the masters. I learned watercolour painting by trying to copy the techniques of famous painters, for example.

But once you start creating your own work, it’s time to find your own voice and tell your own stories.

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