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Your passions are what gives your life meaning. And sharing your passions creates energy well beyond the original idea.

That is a great statement, right? We all want to believe it but somehow living it out can be... well, let’s just say it can be tricky.

We can end up living our life in little compartments, sharing only little parts of ourselves depending on what we think will be most acceptable. Or we can get stuck in our own heads, afraid to move forward. Or, we can end up awash in a sea of pressure and details and keep working harder instead of asking for help.


I’m Mark and I believe in the power of connection. I also believe that before you can teach, you need to live.

I've lived a few lives already. I'm going to live a few more too, I bet.

I spent more than two decades working in a well appointed beige cubicle for a small telecom company. Worked all over the place, from IT to sales to marketing and strategic planning. Worked alone and led large teams. I formed friendships that last to this day.

I bootstrapped my own small business, sharing my dream for a cool neighbourhood bakery with the people in southwest Regina Saskatchewan. Learned how to deal with landlords, felt venomous sting of irregular cash flow deep in my veins, delved deep into a new craft and formed even more friendships, with customers, staff and the wider baker community.

I’m still helping others every day, by making things that represent the full range of my passions and sharing them with the world. Right now my work includes a podcast about bakers and bakery owners, an amazing online community, an occasional coaching role with Seth Godin’s altMBA program, and making bread every weekend in my hand crafted brick oven.

I also work directly with individuals and organizations to help them nurture their own power of connection in their lives and work.

But there was a time when things were different…

I used to be terrible at introductions.

You know what it’s like. You go to a gathering with new people and invariably, someone asks “what do you do”?

I hated that question. I could never answer it without a series of ‘buts’ -

  • I’m a computer programmer but I’m fascinated by psychology and sociology.

  • I create new telecom services but I’m obsessed with bread baking.

  • I own a bakery but I also write stories.

  • I’m a coach and advisor but I also produce a weekly podcast.

Oh dear. Should I talk about baking? Business? Writing? Coaching?

AAAHHH!!! It was getting so I dreaded going out. And my poor wife Cindy didn’t stand a chance explaining what I did all day.

It also got so I stopped writing. Not because I was out of ideas, but because I couldn’t decide on the compartment to publish the idea.

Was it a baking thing? A coaching thing? A business thing? All three? None of the above?

I really do understand that life can start to feel compartmentalized but I finally learned how to bring my Whole Self to my work. Every day I’m striving to bring the whole package, every time.

So whether you want to learn how to bake or how to finally launch your big idea, I'll be bringing all my past and present lives to the party. I want you to feel the Joy I do, having learned to show up as the Full Me. You deserve no less.


Let’s Connect

Now, if we're going to get to know each other better, it's not enough to share my writing, my podcast or even my bread. We'll both get stronger when you share your passions too.

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